Environmental, Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to continual improvement of our Environmental, Health & Safety performance by ensuring a safe and healthy work place, conserving natural resources, preventing pollution and designing facilities that minimize environmental impact.

Our work to reduce our carbon footprint and our use of natural resources brings benefit for the environment and for our business because of the associated cost efficiencies.

Our effort is always be to exceed all applicable EHS standards and ensure the statutory EHS standards are complied at all times.

We focus towards reducing hazardous waste in any form and ensure its safe disposal in compliance with statutory requirement.

We educate, motivate and proactively engage our employees towards our commitment to EHS, and always strive to minimize occupational injury and risks to our employees.

We ensure protection for all employees from exposure to any substance or activity which may be hazardous to health through regular risk assessments and safety audits.

We guide and encourage our contractors and suppliers to adhere to our EHS practices